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 Automated Vehicle Location
 and Management

The SENDATA range of on board vehicle computers provide: * UK design, development and manufacture of mobile transportation solutions using the latest communication technology * Real time, 24-hour access of detailed vehicle activity using standard GSM telephone networks. * Location, tracking and monitoring on demand, in real time, at specified intervals, as accumulated information or historic records. * Remote access monitoring enhances security and keeps managers in-touch with vehicles and assets around the clock. The SenDATA VC-500 enables office staff to locate and track vehicles and assets on demand, against pre-determined schedules, on alert as well as a historical basis. Position and vehicle information is automatically logged on a time, distance or event basis. The positional information can be used to optimise routing, provide pre-warning of arrival and br departure from specified areas such as warehousing and customer depots. Vehicle engine status, together with a range of independent variables, are date, time and position stamped and converted into a vehicle information record and is stored and maintained in the VC-500s internal memory as object-orientated databases. Information can be auto extracted for fast and effective transfer to the office or communication center through a standard GSM telephone connection using SMS messaging technology. Each data transfer package is also synchronised to ensure that sequential data records can be maintained at the communication centre. Information is stored in a number of independent modes including accumulated values, historic records and instantaneous values. This information can be reviewed within selectable limits such as between certain dates and time, with values greater or less than a specified level. The system provides a wide range of user benefits including financial management, personnel development, improved health and safety, added security and reduced liability. SenDATA VC-500, offered at costs below other systems, free of on going 'monitoring' rental fees, using proven standard telecommunications systems, is the affordable solution for vehicle and asset management. ____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Creative Systems Technology Ltd. Tel: +44(0) 1494 528378 Email: Website: November 2000