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Automotive Pressure Sensor

Automotive pressure sensor is the one of the most mature product in Sendo, it is OEM tested, with high accuracy, long term stability, good repeatability, has been wildly used in automotive oil system, automotive AC system, automotive brake system and other car security system.

These sensors adopt an OEM piezoresistive pressure transducer(which is also produced by Sendo), coordinate use with a special integrated circuit, and the temperature is compensated and nonlinear is corrected in the whole working temperature range , that make a high precision measurement in the entire temperature range. The sensor use a brass housing or a stainless steel housing, the special electronic connectors are suitable for various automobile system for fast installation and pressure measurement.

Our product SS2XX series automotive pressure sensor has been widely used by our clients and is available the pressure ranges from 250KPa to 7MPa with different size and different material.

Performance and parameters
Suply Voltage .... 5VDC; 12VDC; 24VDC
Output Signal .... 0.5~4.5VDC; 1~10VDC
Measuring Range .... 250KPa;700KPa;1MPa;1.6MPa; 4MPa; 7MPa
Proof Pressure .... 150%FS
Accuracy .... 1%
Operating Temp .... -20~120°C
Storage Temp .... -40~120°C

Mechanical Configuration
Pressure Port .... 1/8NPT; G1/4; 7/16-20UNF; M10*1.25
Electrical connection .... 3 Pin Packard
Sealing Rating .... IP65
Housing Brass .... Stainless Steel
Diaphragm .... Stainless Stell


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March 2012

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