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Newly developed Force Sensor monitors spare tire cable.

Many of today’s SUVs utilize a cable to support the spare tire
under the vehicle. This cable holds the tire securely against the
vehicle frame. If this cable loosens, there can be a considerable
amount of cyclical force developed in the cable due to the
inertia of the tire.

This cyclical force can both weaken the cable or its mounts, and
can become a severe problem if the vehicle is involved in a crash,
where the loose cable might snap, allowing the tire to become a

Sensor Developments Inc. has developed a force sensor which
mounts between the lift cable and the rim of the spare tire. The
sensor can monitor the cable tension during lifting and seating
operations, as well as under driving conditions to determine
if the mechanism ‘settles’ during use.”

For further information please contact:

Ken Winczner - Sales Manager
Sensor Developments
1050 W. Silver Bell Rd
Orion, MI  48359-1327
Tel: 248-391-3000
Fax: 248-391-0107

August 2006
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