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New Torque Sensor revolutionises machine control. Sensor Technology will be launching their new E400 Torqsense Rotary Torque Sensors at the MTEC Exhibition. The E400 units utilise a non-contact measurement technique, so reduce the previously difficult task of accurate real-time torque monitoring to the simple task of literally mounting the transducer close to the machine drive shaft under investigation. As such they stand to completely redefine the expectation of machine builders and control engineers. They feature integral electronics with digital and analog outputs for torque, speed and power and are directly compatible with PC Interfaces such as serial and USB, being user programmable for analog signal levels. Other innovative features include built-in peak torque sampling, storage and torque averaging. They can operate from a wide range of supply voltage. To achieve the non-contact operation that makes the Torqsense transducer range unique SAW (Surface Acoustic Waves) devices are used as frequency dependent strain gauges to measure the change in resonant frequency caused by strain experienced in the drive shaft. This measurement is directly related to the torque and opens up new horizons for advancing all manner of machine control. _________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Sensor Technology Ltd. Tel: +44(0)1295 730746 Fax: +44(0)1295 738966 Email: Website: December 2003

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