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When two is better than one

Sensor Technology, the company that developed practical non-contact torque measurement, will once again unveil a major innovation at the M-Tec Exhibition.

New for 2008 is TorqSense RWT 330340RWT series, designed for use in applications where space is limited. Like other units in the TorqSense family, the 330-340 provides non-contact measurement of torque, speed, power and position of rotating shafts, such as machine drives, drive shafts for pumps, fans, mixers etc, and in the critical axes of test rigs.

As more and more applications are found for TorqSense, a number of popular requests have been noted, as Tony Ingham explains: "At its launch TorqSense was nothing short of revolutionary, since when it has steadily grown in popularity with enquiries constantly coming in from new fields. We get requests to fit TorqSense into very small spaces, so now the design team has come up with a solution by separating the sensing head from the control electronics to form a two-part unit. The head is very compact so can be fitted into the tiniest of spaces, while the electronics can be sited at a convenient place further from the shaft under test."

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January 2008

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