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 New wide frequency band accelerometer
 monitors down to 0.4 Hz.
New from Sensonics is the PZS4 series of accelerometers offering an extremely wide frequency response and low cost sensor especially for use in multi-point, harsh environment, industrial vibration monitoring applications. The instrument incorporates a piezo crystal in shear mode rather than the more usual compression mode. This means it is virtually immune to base strain effects and less sensitive to temperature transients. The piezo-electric shear mode sensor with its integrated electronics is contained within an inner metal enclosure, which is electrically and thermally insulated from the outer stainless steel body. This design prevents earth loops and eliminates electrical interference. The PZS4 accelerometer operates as a two-wire current loop device using a 18 to 28 volts DC constant current source of 2 to 10 mA, allowing very long interconnecting cables to be used. The dynamic range is up to 70g peak over a standard frequency range of 0.4Hz to 11kHz (better than 3dB). It is housed in a stainless steel hermetically sealed case to IP66 / IP67 and accepts a vibration limit of 200g peak, 500g shock and operates over a temperature range of -30 deg.C to +140 deg.C. Weighing just 150 gms, the sensor has a single point mechanical fixing and a side entry electrical cable or connector, with a choice of different types. The new accelerometer is an ideal sensor for monitoring vibration levels in a predictive maintenance role on all types of rotating machinery such as motors, fans, conveyors, gearboxes, turbines, compressors, mixers, etc. ________________________________________________________ For further information, please contact:- Sensonics Ltd. Northbridge Road, Berkhamsted HP4 1EF.UK Tel: +44(0) 1442 876833 Fax: +44(0) 1442 876477 Email: Website: October 2000

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