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Designed to be the most robust available, Sensonics range of Senturion Proximity Probes has recently been extended to include a new instrument capable of operating to temperatures of 240°C.

Used extensively throughout industry to monitor rotating shaft alignment and axial position, particularly on steam and gas turbines, centrifuges and pumps, Sensonics proximity probes provide a range of non-contacting measurement configurations and comply with the API 670 standard.

Available in a selection of body and cable lengths, the new PRS05 model from Sensonics offers a 0 to 5mm measurement range in a 12mm tip (M18 body) configuration and operates above the range of standard probes, which can experience excessive drift where temperatures exceed 150°C and typically will be manufactured in materials only suitable for occasional operation up to 200°C. Temperatures in many applications can rise above this 200°C ceiling for long periods at a time in the locality of the probe; during turbine run up where steam leaks are prevalent, it is key the measurement accuracy is maintained for both thrust and shaft vibration measurements as the turbine thermal characteristics stabilise.

The new PRS05 solution maintains a measurement error of less than 5% over the full working temperature range.

For further information, please contact:-

Sensonics Ltd.
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Tel: +44(0) 1442 876833
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June 2007

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