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Modern cooling fan arrangements utilised on CCGT power stations are a compact solution for the removal of unwanted energy from the combined cycle process. They also play a critical role in the overall generation process, with fan failure resulting in potential lengthy downtime and an associated reduction in power plant generating capacity. Fans are typically arranged in groups of eight and above - facing vertically on raised platforms - driven through a motor and gearbox combination. Gearbox failure is common, through general wear and the imbalance produced through the fan rotation which can be exacerbated from deterioration of the carbon fibre blades.

Trending of vibration levels on the gearbox enables plant engineers to plan inspection and maintenance of the fan assembly. Providing shutdown protection in the event of excessive vibration is also a key requirement for minimising damage in the event of blade failure. Sensonics' DN2601 dual vibration monitor fulfills both these requirements and has been utilised for this purpose at EGAT's Wangnoi power plant in Thailand. The site consists of three 600MW combined cycle blocks, each with eight cooling fans. A single DN2601 is used to monitor each fan in combination with ICP type accelerometers, providing warning and shutdown alarm facilities in combination with 4-20mA process signals fed to the plant wide DCS for trending. The Din rail mountable unit provides a local display of vibration level as well as a buffered transducer output to assist with more detailed fault analysis through a portable analyser. Installed and commissioned by Sensonics' Thailand partner Advance Siam Tech Co. Ltd in 2007 the system is now providing valuable fan condition monitoring data to assist the station in maintaining high levels of availability and efficiency.

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February 2008

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