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 SmartPlug, Plug and go...

Smart, plug and go... It is so easy to install a timer, counter or speed
controller on a sensor!

With SensoPart's new SmartPlug, a directly adaptable timer/counter/
onverter/speed controller for all sensors with a standard M12 connection.

SensoPart offers a new alternative for all those who process sensor signals.
With a minimum effort of installation, SensoPart's new SmartPlug enables
customers to realise time functions, counting, polarity converting and speed

For this purpose, the appropriate SmartPlug is simply connected between
M12 sensor cable and sensor.

The complete electronics of the SmartPlug is located in the small connector
housing which is only 60 x 20 mm.  Maximum output current of the SmartPlug
is 400 mA, so that it can be used as switching amplifier as well as its
actual function.

SmartPlugs are available as counters with a maximum input frequency of 
10 kHz and a counting range of 1 to 65535, and as timers or speed
controllers with an adjustable time range of 1 to 65535 ms and a
maximum input frequency of 10 kHz as well.

SmartPlugs for converting PNP signals into NPN signals or vice versa with
the addition of selecting normally open or normally closed operation.
The setting is made by teach-in via a control line.


For more information, please contact :-

Richard Taylor, Sensopart UK Ltd.
The Bond, 180-182 Fazeley St., Birmingham B5 5SE

June 2000