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The NEW F50 Colour Sensor
The new F50 colour sensor operates with a white LED
and a unique optical system patented by Sensopart.

Multiple Outputs, Multiple functions
The sensor has 3 teach-in PNP outputs, tolerance setting and a
unique scanning function that allows a target colour to be scanned,
the colour tolerances and variations are automatically stored
in the memory. Additionally the sensor can be reconfigured for
remote teach and timer delay output.

Long range
The F50 colour sensor also has the largest operation distance
for a colour sensor. Colours can be accurately detected within
the range of  12 to 32mm without false trigging.
The sensor can also detect the different coloured glass ideal
for inline sorting of bottles and colour tinted containers.

Locking function
A locking function enables the locking of the sensor’s setting keys,
thus protecting the sensor from unintentional mis-adjustment.

High Specification
The FT 50C is sealed to IP67 and has a switching frequency
of 500Hz. Tight electronic and optical packaging means the
sensor has all amplifiers “on board” and the dimensions
50mm x 50mm x 17mm.  Cabled or connector versions available. 


For further information, contact :-
Richard Taylor
Sensorpart UK Ltd. The Bond, 180-182 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5SE. UK

August 2000