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New high performance optical distance sensor comes out on top. Sensopart has launched the new F90 series of high performance optical distance measuring laser sensors which with their optimum resolution and very attractive costs, open up many more applications in automation and production processes. Richard Taylor, UK Sales Director at Sensopart explains that "We have concentrated our development efforts into producing a technically advanced optical sensor that delivers a 1mm resolution in measurement, but costs a fraction of competitive units." Four models are available, the FT90 series capable of measuring objects up to 10 metres and the FR90 with a range of up to 250 metres, with both delivering 1mm resolution. The FT91 and FR91 are low cost options. The sensors offer a four output choice of analogue mA or SSI compatible interface, two PNP digital and RS422 and can also be connected to external bus systems whilst operating with a class 1 infra red laser. F90 series sensors have fast response times, beating their rivals in many applications. Free software also allows customers to program, store and read data directly from the sensor. This feature makes the installing of duplicate sensors within systems extremely easy, an option normally only offered on high cost equivalents. One of the many key market developments for these high cost : performance ratio sensor is the detection of objects in populated areas, where an employee may be startled or distracted by a visible red laser spot. The F90 sensors use infra red and are totally safe. However, a visible red light pilot laser can be activated during the setting process to help alignment. ____________________________________________ For further information, contact :- Richard Taylor Sensopart UK Ltd. G8 The Arch, 48-52 Floodgate Street, Birmingham B5 5SL Tel: 0121 772 5104 Fax: 0121 772 5126 Email: Website: November 2004
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