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Sensor ensures car braking system is safe. The FA30 area sensor from Sensopart is performing an important task in the automated production of car parts by monitoring the correct assembly of an O-ring at the flange of a pump used on the vehicle anti-lock braking system. The auto industry supplier LUK in Germany uses the FA30 area sensor for this task by making use of its function of 'pattern matching'. The sensor detects the presence and potential multiple layers of the O-ring used as a pump seal, and at the same time the function 'position control' makes sure that the O-ring is in the correct position. The sensor therefore contributes in fully testing the ABS pump flanges completely automatically on a revolving transfer table, with any bad parts being reliably rejected with a digital switching signal. The FA30 detects all error types including no O-ring, two O-rings or a slipped O-ring. This application of the FA30 sensor illustrates how complex problems in the field of automation can be solved in a flexible and reliable way. The simple yes/no digital information ensures process reliability and optimum product quality. With the easy-to-use PC software, the sensor is initially configured and then continues to monitor the production process as a stand-alone system. ____________________________________________ For further information, contact :- Richard Taylor Sensopart UK Ltd. G8 The Arch, 48-52 Floodgate Street, Birmingham B5 5SL Tel: 0121 772 5104 Fax: 0121 772 5126 Email: Website: November 2004
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