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Thin-Film Pressure Sensors for extreme conditions.

The range of thin-film technology pressure sensors newly
available from Sensor-Technik UK covers 15 different models,
from low-cost OEM sensors to high advanced differential and
flush diaphragm sensors, with pressure ranges from 50mBar
to 3000 Bar.

They are suitable for applications in the pneumatics, hydraulics, chemical,
process and machine building industries.

The company can supply all the standard mechanical thread sizes,
output signals and electrical connections, including field-bus interfaces.
In particular, German parent company Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH
(STW) specialises in applications for extremely high and low temperatures.
This means that, as well as having expertise in the connection techniques,
STW also specialises in surface coating technologies: here, the range
of coating materials ranges from simple metallic layers (gold, chromium,
titanium) through metal alloys (nickel-chromium, titanium nitride) to include
insulating layers such as alumina and silica. They can be applied to a
large variety of different substrates.

In all, thin-film technology opens the possibility of custom-designing critical
components for specific applications.

Currently, sensors are being supplied for continuous pressure
measurements in gas-diesel engines for monitoring and regulating

Other applications are found in the analysis of corrosive chemicals,
fast-moving liquids and compressed air monitoring, where insensitivity
to dampness and contamination are vital features.

For more information, please contact :-
Sensor-Technik Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)1234 823878

March 2001   
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