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All-in-one unit is a revolution in strain measurement.

It's rare to find a genuine innovation in strain measurement, but
the new IVDMS from Sensor-Technik UK is just that. Until now,
measuring the strains in beams (such as on cranes) has been
a complicated and fragile process, but this matchbox-sized
unit simply has to be glued on and calibrated in software, and
readings can be taken immediately.

On the face of the IVDMS is a small strain-gauge 'chip' which is
glued to the surface under investigation. Around the edge of the
unit is a seal, and two mounting bolts which between them
provide IP65 protection for the sensors. A CANbus link to a
PC is then used to enable software setup of span and linearity
- and that's all there is to the procedure. Existing metalwork
does not need to be modified, as is so often the case in
normal approaches, and there's no need to match up strain
gauges and amplifiers from different manufacturers, with all
the setup difficulties that involves. In addition, the glued
contact provides excellent accuracy.

The IVDMS has already been applied successfully in crane
loading and fire engine access platform measurements, but
is sure to have a wide range of applications as its potential
becomes more widely known.

For more information, please contact :-
Sensor-Technik Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)1234 782049

July 2003
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