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Modern enterprises and contractors rely on thorough analysis of operating data to counteract increasing costs in a competitive market.

Monitoring and maintenance of systems is often associated with high personnel and material costs, especially when dealing with remote sites. The high administrative effort of monitoring and controlling a fleet of vehicles can generate immense overheads.

A teleservice system from STW can monitor a complete system remotely, and realize significant savings in personnel and administration. Machine problems and errors are detected early, and timely action helps avoid expensive repairs. Through monitoring and evaluation of the relevant operating data, the efficiency of an entire fleet can be improved. For example fuel consumption of vehicles can be reduced through engine speed optimization. As well as a multitude of built in online functions, detailed invoices with actual work details can be generated fully automatically

Flexible Concept
Whether mobile or stationary, STW brings the data from every type of machine and vehicle to the end-user, in the office or even at home. With a minimum of fuss, STW can customize their teleservice solution to the system requirements. With a variety of interfaces built into the teleservice modules STW has the best possible basis for specific system solutions.

Enhanced functionality through additional modules is no problem thanks to a modular, flexible system.

World Wide Access
The teleservice system from STW offers practically world wide availability. A normal internet connection is all that is required. The data is immediately available through the standard PC internet browser.

For example, monitor a vehicle fleet in South America from the office in India, or check the status of a plant in the USA from a hotel in Australia. Access operating data fast and securely, anywhere, anytime.

A Complete Solution
STW offers a complete solution to your requirements. STW can supply data capable SIM cards and server space, as well as a tailored homepage. The long term availability of data is guaranteed. If preferred, an end-user can take over individual components or the complete system, for example, using their company's own server for data retrieval and storage. STW has the required software, and will take care of the installation and set to work to ensure a seamless migration from its system to the end-users.

STW is in the position to offer a complete system from one supplier. Customers work with one dedicated partner, eliminating unnecessary overhead and streamlining the path to project success.

Sensor-Technik UK
Tel: +44(0)1234 270770

May 2013

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