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F01 Pressure Transmitter - for safety-related applications

To meet the requirements of the machinery standard EN13849-1, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann has developed the F01 pressure transmitter. This pressure transmitter achieves Performance Level (PLd) and can therefore be used for safety-relevant applications. To ensure compliance for mobile applications, the F01 also has E1 approval.

The measuring element is a thin-film pressure sensor which is welded to the pressure port. The transmitter therefore exhibits a high medium compatibility, as the entire medium contact area is made of stainless steel.

The transmitter supports pressure ranges from 10 bar to 1000 bar, and features a 4-20mA output, as well as a switching output. Optionally a changeover contact is available (then without analogue output). To ensure the flexible application of the F01 the user can choose from different pressure connections. The electrical connection is via a 5-pin M12 connector. Calibration of the transmitter over temperature means an overall accuracy of 1% FS in the range of 0…80°C can be achieved. The maximum medium temperature is +150°C.

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May 2013

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