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New addition to the powerMELA ® family

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann complements their powerMELA ® system landscape with an 80 kW motor-generator. Just like its proven forerunner with 140 kW, it is characterised by an integrated inverter, compact size and ruggedness; essential characteristics for use in mobile machines.

With a continuous torque of 250 Nm and a power to weight ratio of 1 kW per kilogram, the drive has multiple applications in all areas of off and on-road vehicles. This addition is the next step in building a series of drives and generators ranging in power from 20 to 300 kW. Together with control devices, brake chopper and battery management, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann offers the key system components for the electrification and hybridization of vehicles. The power and drive components of the powerMELA ® family are distinguished by a double insulated design that reduces the risk to people from electrical current and increases the availability. The 140 kW powerMELA ® drive is used today in a variety of tasks including snow ploughs, beet harvesters, winches and busses. The new, compact 80 kW variant, which has a length of less than 400 mm, is aimed at auxiliary systems as well as axle and single wheel drives.

Figure 2: powerMELA® system architecture with integrated inverter

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May 2013

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