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Modern machines require high-performance, flexible controllers.

To meet these requirements the compact programmable electronic control unit - the ESX®-3XM - was created. The ESX®-3XM successfully provides standard features such as 4 separate CAN 2.0B interfaces, RS232 and 23 I/O before expansion and delivering a complete control solution all in a compact package.

The provision of 3 dedicated expansion slots enable increased functionality and flexibility. From Ethernet and data logging to increased I/O and CAN ports, the ESX®-3XM is a versatile and capable control unit, providing the end-user with multiple control, monitoring and interface options.

The system is designed to enable safety related applications according to SIL2/ISO 61508. Safety features are supervised and controlled by a separate, independent microcontroller. Like all other ESX® controllers, the ESX®-3XM comes with a license-free BIOS, for easier and faster programming. The customers' software can be developed in C, C++ or CoDeSys. STW provides a low-cost tool chain and a large selection of software-libraries.

Sensor-Technik UK
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May 2013

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