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ESX®-IOXp - a powerful, low-cost control solution

Sensor-Technik UK is proud to introduce the ESX®-IOXp - the latest electronic control unit for mobile applications is the second member of the low-cost control product family.

The ESX®-IOXp is a fully-fledged freely programmable control unit with 2 independent CAN interfaces and an additional RS232 interface. Programming takes place in the widely accepted CoDeSys development environment from 3S-Smart Software Solutions in accordance with the international programming standard IEC 61131-3. This makes familiarization easy and exceedingly simple to realise control functions.

The ESX®-IOXp is an inexpensive real-time control unit, providing multiple input and output options, whilst maintaining the high level of quality, reliability and accuracy that have become synonymous with STW products. Utilising an automotive standard housing, the ESX®-IOXp offers a powerful, yet low-cost, control solution.

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July 2013

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