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Sensors UK Ltd announce the latest in their MI range of high temperature proximity switches designed for use in extreme temperature applications – The MI-400. These silicon free inductive switches are frequently used where object and position detection must be carried out in areas of high temperature such as steel works, paint ovens or manufacturing processes where dirt, heat and an aggressive environment are present.

The MI-400 has a working temperature range of 350ºC, with short excursions up to 400ºC where many conventional switches would just burn away or fail. The MI-400 has been designed to survive arduous conditions for extremely long periods of time, thus bringing major cost savings on plant maintenance.

The MI-400 design allows measurement to these high temperatures due to the use of a special carrier for the inductive coils, a new ceramic enclosure and heat resistant cables. The sensor head connection cable employs Teflon insulated with metallic over sheath to give the full 400ºC protection, and this can be specified in lengths of 3,5 or 7 meters.

July 2008

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