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 New PascalLine Ultra-Low Pressure Sensors

New PascaLine Ultra-Low Pressure Sensors from Sensortechnics
offer pressure ranges starting from only 1 mbar Full Scale

Sensortechnics' new piezoresistive PascaLine pressure sensors
very accurately measure ultra-low pressure. A new micromachined,
stress concentration enhanced structure provides superior offset
characteristics and virtually no position sensitivity.

The precision temperature compensation and calibration makes
Sensortechnics' PascaLine sensors ideally suited for demanding
low pressure measurement applications. Full scale pressure ranges
are from 1 mbar up to 75 mbar. Packaging and electrical parameters
of the new PascaLine are compatible with the industry standard
SenSym SCX family.

Important features of the new PascaLine sensors are:
* Pressure ranges from 0 - 1 mbar to 0 - 75 mbar
* Precision temperature compensated and calibrated
* Optional internal amplifier
* Virtually no position sensitivity
* Very low warm-up and long term stability error
* Same package as the widely used SCX family
With the addition of the PascaLine range of ultra-low pressure sensors
to the already established SCX range, Sensortechnics can now offer
Original Equipment Manu-facturers the ability to measure from
1 mbar FS to 10 bar FS using only one package style.

The new PascaLine ultra-low pressure sensors are exclusively available
from Sensortechnics.

For more information, please contact :-
Sensortechnics GmbH
Tel: +49 89 800 83-0

July 2000

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