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  High Sensitivity Miniature Sensors

New High Sensitivity Miniature Sensors for Pressure Ranges from 10 mbar to 2 bar Full Scale Sensortechnics' new piezoresistive PCM sensors offer OEM customers high accuracy pressure measurement. This new miniature sensor is designed for PCB mounting and has a very small footprint. A new silicon micromachined structure provides superior offset characteristics and linearity. The precision temperature compensation and calibration makes Sensortechnics' PCM sensors ideally suited for demanding pressure measurement applications. Important features of the new PCM sensors are: * Only 10.2 mm x 12.7 mm * Pressure ranges from 0 - 10 mbar to 0 - 2 bar * Gage, differential and absolute versions * Precision temperature compensated and calibrated * Very low warm-up and long term stability error * Available in two different accuracy classes With the new PCM pressure sensors, Original Equipment Manufacturers can now accurately measure pressure from 10 mbar FS to 2 bar FS using sensors in very small packages. PCM sensors are designed for demanding pressure measurement in medical equipment, industrial and environmental control and a variety of instrumentation applications. The new PCM pressure sensors are exclusively available from Sensortechnics. ____________________________________________________ Further information at: Sensortechnics UK Telephone: +44(0) 1788) 560426 Email: Website: November 2000
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