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New Programmable Digital Pressure Transmitters.

Sensortechnics offer high precision measurement with their
new DTE1000 digital transmitters. DTE1000 pressure transmitters
are based on silicon piezoresistive sensors.

An all welded stainless steel construction provides excellent media
compatibility. Pressure read-out as well as all control functions are
accessible via an RS485 interface. The transmitters are capable of
measuring the pressure on request or continuously and store values
taken at preset intervals in its internal memory for later retrieval.

Important features of the new digital DTE1000 Series:
* 0.1 % overall accuracy
* Programmable data logging and continuous data conversion
* RS485 digital output with Modbus protocol
* Ultra-low power consumption
* All welded stainless steel construction
* Pressure ranges from 0 - 100 mbar to 0 - 70 bar absolute or gauge
* Precision temperature compensated and calibrated

DTE1000 digital transmitters provide high precision digital read-out
and ultra low power consumption in small stainless steel housings.
Applications for the new DTE1000 pressure transmitters include
data loggers, gas-volume correction and remote monitoring systems.

For more information, please contact :-

Sensortechnics GmbH
Tel: +49 (0)89 80083-0

March 2002

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