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Digital Output Pressure Sensors with 0.1% accuracy. Sensortechnics' new digital output pressure sensors offer precision measurement in standardised sensor housings. 12 or 14 bit digital serial outputs provide superior offset, span and linearity characteristics. The fully digital interface allows OEM customers to choose between synchronous and asynchronous communication. Synchronous outputs are SPI and MICROWIRE/PLUS compatible (I2C compatibility available on request). A bi-directional, TTL level, asynchronous serial interface mode allows communication with hardware selectable 9,600 or 19,200 baud. In addition, multiple sensors can be addressed on a single interface bus. Important features of the new digital output pressure sensors are: * Dual digital interface mode (synchronous/asynchronous) * SPI, MICROWIRE/PLUS and I2C compatible versions available * Pressure ranges from 5 mbar to 0...7 bar * Differential, gage and absolute sensor versions * 0.1 % overall accuracy, typ. * Wide compensated temperature range of C to +85°C * Standardised pressure sensor housing for PCB-mounting Sensortechnics offers cutting-edge technology in sensing pressure. Typical applications of the new digital output pressure sensors include medical instrumentation, meteorology, industrial control and HVAC. _____________________________________________ More information from: Sensortechnics GmbH Tel: 0 89/800 83-0 Fax: 0 89/800 83-33 E-mail: Web site: December2002
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