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New Low-Cost Pressure Transducers PS9000. Handle Aggressive Pressure Media from 200 mbar Sensortechnics' new pressure transducers Series PS9000 offers OEMs low-cost pressure measurement for aggressive and corrosive liquids and gases. An all welded stainless steel diaphragm eliminates all internal elastomeric seals and also releases users from O-Ring compatability issues which can be rather problematic for applications with aggressive media or high purity requirements. These small transducers are available for low pressure applications from only 200 mbar (3psi) and offer outstanding sensitivity and linearity with low hysteresis. The piezoresistive sensor chip is housed in a fluid-filled cylindrical cavity and a resistor network is supplied on a hybrid ceramic substrate for compensation of temperature effects. Reliable piezoresistive technology makes these new stainless steel sensors the perfect fit for many medical, environmental and industrial applications. The new PS9000 series is exclusively available from Sensortechnics. Important features of the new PS9000 Series are: * Rugged stainless steel housing only 21.8 mm in diameter * All welded stainless steel diaphragm * Pressure ranges from 0...200 mbar (0...3psi) to 0...35 bar (0...500psi) FS * Gage and absolute versions available * Output signal 0...100 mV * Precision temperature compensated and calibrated _____________________________________________ More information from: Sensortechnics GmbH Tel: 0 89/800 83-0 Fax: 0 89/800 83-33 E-mail: Web site: March 2003
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