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New Low-cost Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters. New Low-Cost Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters CTE8000CS for Level Measurement from 250 mbar Sensortechnics' new submersible transmitter series CTE8000CS offers low-cost level measurement for ranges from 250 mbar or 2,5 m water column Full Scale. CTE8000CS hydrostatic pressure transmitters consist of highly accurate and long-term stable pressure sensor elements in rugged stainless steel housings. Due to its outside diameter of only 21.8 mm, these transmitters are ideal for use in small-diameter probe tubes or tanks with small apertures. All CTE8000CS level probes are temperature compensated and supply a 4...20 mA output signal. A special cable with an integrated vent tube allows a true reference pressure to the sensor element and thus eliminates errors due to barometric pressure changes. Custom specific calibrations, voltage outputs and different cable lengths are available on request. Important features of the new CTE8000CS series are: * Stainless steel housing only 21.8 mm in diameter * Highly accurate and long term stable sensor element * Compensated for temperature and air pressure fluctuations * Pressure ranges from 0...250 mbar or 2,5 m water column Full Scale * Custom versions available Because of its low price and its excellent media compatibility, CTE8000CS transmitters can be used for a wide range of applications within level control industry. Typical applications include level control of tanks, water level measurement in rivers and wells as well as level measurement and control of liquid supplies. _____________________________________________ More information from: Sensortechnics GmbH Tel: 0 89/800 83-0 Fax: 0 89/800 83-33 E-mail: Web site: October 2003
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