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New Barometric Pressure Sensors for OEM Applications. Sensortechnics' new barometric pressure sensors BSDX-BARO offer OEM customers very cost-effective and precise air pressure measurement in the range of 800…1100 mbar absolute. Other measuring ranges are also available on customer request. BSDX-BARO pressure sensors are calibrated and temperature compensated from 0…85 °C and reach an overall accuracy of ±1 %FSS (including temperature effects). These devices feature an analogue 0.5…4.5 V output signal or, alternatively, a digital I2C-bus interface. The BSDX-BARO sensors incorporate the latest ASIC technologies to enable a high specification in small DIP-packages. Therefore they are especially suitable for space-saving PCB-mounting. Important features of the new BSDX-BARO sensors are: * Pressure range from 800…1100 mbar absolute (other ranges on request) * Temperature compensated from 0…85 °C * Overall accuracy of ±1 %FSS (including temperature effects) * Analogue 0.5…4.5 V output signal, optional digital I2C-bus interface * Miniature DIP package Typical applications include barometer systems for weather stations and engine test cells, hydrology, laser interferometers as well as altimeter systems. Direct Web-Link: __________________________________________________ More information from: Sensortechnics GmbH Tel: 0 89/800 83-0 Fax: 0 89/800 83-33 E-mail: Web site: August 2005
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