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New Miniature Low-Cost Pressure Sensors for High-Volume Applications. Sensortechnics presents the new HPX series from Honeywell for accurate low-cost gage or absolute pressure measurement from 300 mmHg to 100 psi (400 mbar to 7 bar). These un-compensated, un-calibrated basic sensors deliver ratiometric mV output signals and offer an excellent price/ erformance ratio. Due to their wide operating temperature range (-40…125 °C) these devices can be used for demanding applications involving dry air and non-corrosive gas pressures. The HPX series offers two different miniature package styles for maximum OEM manufacturing flexibility: 6-pin DIP housings for through-hole assembly and 8-pin SOIC packages for surface mounting. Important features of the new HPX series are: * Gage and absolute pressure measurement from 300 mmHg to 100 psi * Excellent price/performance ratio for high-volume applications * Wide operating temperature range from -40…125 °C * Miniature DIP and SMT housings HPX pressure sensors are ideally suited for high-volume applications including medical equipment, altimeters and barometers, pneumatic controls, leak detection and consumer goods. Direct Web-Link: __________________________________________________ More information from: Sensortechnics GmbH Tel: 0 89/800 83-0 Fax: 0 89/800 83-33 E-mail: Web site: July 2006
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