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Sensortechnics Offers Honeywell's New Silicon Pressure Sensors with Single Side Liquid Media Option

As a leading sensor expert in the development, manufacture and distribution of high quality pressure sensors and sensing systems Sensortechnics offers its customers extensive technical consultancy.

Through vast application knowledge and many years of experience, Sensortechnics' engineers are able to support OEM customers to find the best pressure sensing solution for their specific design. For different media, whether they are gaseous or liquid, aggressive or corrosive, customers can choose from a broad range of pressure sensors.

Today, Sensortechnics' presents Honeywell's new TruStability® HSC/SSC silicon pressure sensors with a single side liquid media option. These devices allow one sensor port to be used with condensing humidity or non-corrosive liquid media. Despite their small size, the sensors are temperature compensated, calibrated, and provide an amplified signal. They offer the option of analog or digital outputs in either I²C or SPI protocols. Custom calibration ranges, output options, power options (3.3 V or 5.0 V), pressure types (absolute, differential, gage, compound), pressure ranges (60 mbar to 10 bar), a wide array of mounting options (SIP, DIP, SMT), and multiple package options provide support for many medical and industrial applications.

In addition to these pressure sensors with single side liquid media option, Sensortechnics offers a range of other media compatible devices. Examples are fully welded stainless steel OEM pressure sensors and rugged industrial pressure transmitters. Sensortechnics' also offers a customisation service which can provide very fast and flexible mechanical or electronic modifications of these devices to fit each customer's individual requirements.

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July 2011

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