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Sensortechnics Introduces New Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors

As a leading expert in the development, manufacture and distribution of high quality sensors and sensing systems Sensortechnics offers its customers extensive technical consultancy. Through vast application knowledge and many years of experience, Sensortechnics' engineers are able to support OEM customers to find the best sensing solution for their specific design.

Today, Sensortechnics' presents Honeywell's new HumidIconTM combined humidity/temperature sensors of the HIH-6130/6131 series as a lowest total cost solution for many HVAC, refrigeration, respiratory therapy, medical incubator/ microenvironment and meteorology applications. With its low power consumption and sleep mode functionality the sensors are ideal for battery powered OEM devices. The humidity/temperature sensors consist of a thermoset polymer capacitive sensing element and provide excellent resistance against condensation, dust, dirt and other environmental hazards. The HIH-6130/6131 series features an industry-leading Total Error Band of ±5 %RH over a compensated temperature range of 5…50 °C and 10…90 %RH together with a long-term stability of 1.2 %RH over five years. The sensors offer a digital I²C bus output with 14-bit resolution and ultra-small SOIC-8 SMD packages.

In addition to their state-of-the-art product lines, Sensortechnics offers tailor-made solutions to fit each customer's individual requirements. This can extend from smaller mechanical or electrical modifications of standard products to the development of complex integrated sensing and fluidic control systems. Many OEM device manufacturers use Sensortechnics' application specific products to shorten their design cycle time, save development costs and achieve fastest innovations to market.

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October 2011

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