Digital 3-Axis Teslameter and Visualisation Software. Is it possible to measure all 3 components of a magnetic field at the same spot? Sentron's 3-Axis Teslameter 3ML1 makes it possible. The new digital Teslameter 3ML1 is a precise low-cost instrument for the triaxial measurement of magnetic fields. You can apply the instrument for scanning a magnetic field, for quality assurance in production, and in education. The 3ML1 teslameter comes with a small probe containing Sentron's patented Single-Chip 3D Hall Sensor. The teslameter has 3 big 3.5-digit, luminescent displays. They show the magnitudes and the directions of the tree magnetic field components in the range from -199.9 mT to +199.9 mT. The 3ML1 is equipped with an offset zero button, setting all displays of the teslameter to zero and memorizing the offset values for the three axes. Through the digital PC-Interface RS232 the Sentron Visualisation Software can be optionally applied. It gives you a 3D picture of the measured magnetic field on the PC screen and provides Data Logging for long-term measurements. Additional unique products of Sentron include Analog Magnetic Field Transducers and 1, 2 & 3D integrated Hall Magneric Field Sensors. _______________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Sentron AG December 2001 For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Sentron001
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