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Optional 3-valve manifold for wet/wet pressure transducer.

Setra Systems, Inc. announces the addition of a low cost
3-valve manifold for the Model 230 differential pressure
transducer designed for differential pressure measurements
of liquids and gases. 

The 3-valve manifold is rugged, lightweight and compact, weighing
less than 2.5 pounds and measuring 7.05"Wide x 6.25"High. Its all
brass body, brass pipe fittings, copper tubing and plastic valves are
ideal for high line pressures of 250 psi. 

System pressures are often higher than the differential pressure being
measured. The 3-valve manifold eliminates the possibility of exceeding
the pressure rating of the transducer. When combined with our Model
230 Wet-to-Wet Differential Pressure Transducer, the 3-valve manifold's
one-piece, machined brass body construction guarantees a leak-free
system and minimizes external pipe connections.

Designed for gas and liquid compatibility, the Model 230 Wet/Wet
differential pressure transducer is ideal for process control, energy
management systems in HVAC applications, flow measurement of
liquids and gases, liquid level measurement of pressurized vessels
and determining pressure drop across filters.

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Setra Systems Inc.

June 2001
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