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New VactronO Series Capacitance Manometer.

Setra Systems, Inc. introduces its new Model 760 VactronÔ
Series Capacitance Manometer.

The 760 VactronÔ is ideal for Semiconductor Process Tools, Industrial
OEM Systems, Laboratory and R&D, and Equipment, Metrology, and
Analytical Chemistry applications.  

Setra's reliable capacitance sensing technology is at the heart of the
VactronÔ 760.  Excellent long-term zero stability and linearity have
been achieved through this patented sensor design.  The Model 760
VactronÔ is offered with a choice of standard accuracy of ±0.25%
of reading, or optional accuracy of ± 0.15% of reading. 

Superior EMI/RFI performance is achieved by the use of a metal housing,
in conjunction with surge and ESD suppression components and RFI
filtering on the inputs and outputs.  Operable from a ±15 VDC power
supply, the Model 760 VactronÔ provides a 0-10 VDC or 0-5 VDC
signal output that is linear with pressure and independent of gas

The use of corrosion resistant Inconel wetted parts makes the Model
760 VactronÔ ideal for use with corrosive media.  Offered in a variety
of vacuum and pressure ranges from 0-10 to 1000 Torr, 0-1 to 20 psia,
0-1 to 100 kPa, and 0-10 to 1000 mbar/hPa, the Model 760 VactronÔ
can be configured with industry standard 15 pin D-sub or 6 position
terminal strip electrical connections. In addition, multi-turn potentiometers
are provided for easy access through an integrated sliding cover
conveniently located on the top of the transducer. A wide range of
vacuum and pressure connections is also available. 

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Setra Systems Inc.

June 2001

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