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SUNYUAN develops Multi-channel 4-20mA Data Acquisition Module.

ISOAD is designed for sensor-to-host data acquisition, suit for collecting analog signal for detection or controling of remote equipment. Using the latest passive isolation technology, signal channels are isolated to each other and the anti-interference capability is greatly enhanced.

The device includes power supply isolation, channels' isolation, A/D converter and RS-485 module. Each serial port can transfer a maximum of 255 ISOAD A08 Series modules support two types of communication protocol, command set and MODBUS RTU. The Command set is compatible with the ADAM modules. Buad rate can be set by codes, can work with modules made by other manufacturer.

All the configures and protocol info are stored in EEPROM.

ISOAD A08 Series follow industry-standard design, manufacture, each channel / output /power supply bear 3000VDC isolation voltage. Operating temperature range - 45 degC ~ +80 degC.

May 2009

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