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All weather radio telemetry system offers high accuracy, remote angle measurement data

Sherborne Sensors, a global leader in the design and manufacture of sensors for military, aerospace and industrial applications, has announced its debut wireless product, the Wireless Tilt System (WTS). Designed to provide surveyors, geotechnical specialists and structural engineers with a complete measurement solution, the WTS is a flexible all weather radio telemetry system delivering highly accurate remote angle measurement data.

The WTS eliminates the practical difficulties associated with using traditional wired measurement systems by recording and logging data remotely. It is also enables structural engineers to make significant cost savings by dramatically reducing the time taken to complete the inspection of civil structures.

“Monitoring and assessing structural health by visual or other conventional wired methods can be extremely costly and labour intensive, especially when multiple readings must be obtained,” said Mike Baker, Managing Director, Sherborne Sensors “The WTS provides a simple and cost-effective solution for determining structural weaknesses and identifying where maintenance may be required. All the engineer has to do is fit the low power inclinometers to strategic points on the given structure.”

At the heart of the system is the WTS Wireless inclinometer, which uses an advanced MEMS sensor to ensure high accuracy and maximum reliability. The multi-channel and distortion-free digital two-way telemetry system has a wireless range of up to 330ft (100m), 18-bit resolution and an exceptional battery life of up to five years. It also has an extremely robust design, ensuring it is able to operate in all weather conditions.

Furthermore, the WTS can be used to verify design calculations during the manufacturing of new structures, providing valuable data for refining computer aided modelling of structural behaviour. A variety of complementary base stations and PC or hand-held data acquisition modules are also available to deliver a complete measurement solution configurable to any type of structural health monitoring application.

Sherborne Sensors can customise all of its inclinometers and manufacture to comply with specific customer requirements within its AS9100B Quality Management System. In addition, all Sherborne Sensors products come with an industry exclusive two-year comprehensive warranty and Guaranteed On-Time Delivery programme, and are meticulously tested and calibrated to international standards prior to shipment.

About Sherborne Sensors:
Sherborne Sensors is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-precision inclinometers, accelerometers, force transducers and load cells, rotary encoders, instrumentation and accessories for industrial, military and aerospace customers. Products offered under the Sherborne Sensors brand are renowned for their ultra-reliability and long-life precision within critical applications. Recent acquisition of synergistic technologies by Sherborne Sensors within our inclinometer and force and load cell offerings has allowed customers to benefit from expanded product lines, with added benefits of engineering support, global sales presence, repair, refurbishment and calibration services, stocking programs, and continuous product improvement.

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July 2011

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