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Sherborne Sensors re-launches DSIC Digital Servo Inclinometers

DSIC Series Inclinometers deliver total error band of less than 0.08°
over a wide temperature range

London, UK, 11th September, 2012 – Sherborne Sensors, a global leader
in the design, development and manufacture of sensors for military,
aerospace and industrial applications, has re-launched its DSIC
digital servo inclinometers due to continued demand from its customers
and the wider market. The DSIC Series is a range of single and dual
axis gravity referenced digital output servo inclinometers with total
error band of less than 0.08 degrees over a temperature range of -20°C
to +70°C. The sensors are suitable for use in a wide variety of
industrial and military applications where high precision angular
measurements are required and high levels of vibration and mechanical
shock up to 1,250g may be experienced.

The inclinometers are programmed with unique output characteristics
over temperature, to optimise unit accuracy. Models are available in a
variety of angular ranges from +/-5° to +/-60° with RS485 ASCII
outputs and electrical terminations provided via a connector.

Output bandwidth ranges are configurable to 20Hz with options for
custom connectors and electrical filters. The DSIC employs a
servo-inclinometer element to sense inclination to a very high
accuracy with almost zero hysteresis. Internal temperature and
linearity compensation is programmed into the DSI during calibration.
This ensures that the output is never outside a 0.08° error margin
from true input angle, at any temperature and any angle within its
compensated range.

The sensors incorporate dynamic filtering to eliminate unwanted
vibration and noise, as well as to ensure rapid response times. A low
pass filter with a 3dB cut-off frequency at 20Hz is designed to ensure
a 40dB per decade attenuation. The dynamic filter also accommodates
low cut-off frequencies for vibration rejection, without sacrificing
step-response time.

“The DSIC Series continues to be one of our most popular product
ranges due to its exceptional performance characteristics,” says Mike
Baker, managing director, Sherborne Sensors. “These make the DSIC
series ideally suited to applications such as ordnance aiming systems,
rail track monitoring, optical sighting equipment, seismic and civil
engineering analysis and precision platform level control –
essentially, anywhere precision angular measurements are required over
a wide temperature range.”

Sherborne Sensors can customise all of its inclinometers and
manufacture to comply with specific customer requirements within its
AS9100C Quality Management System. In addition, all Sherborne Sensors
products come with an industry exclusive two-year comprehensive
warranty and Guaranteed On-Time Delivery programme, and are
meticulously tested and calibrated to international standards prior to

About Sherborne Sensors:
Sherborne Sensors is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-precision inclinometers, accelerometers, force transducers and load cells, rotary encoders, instrumentation and accessories for industrial, military and aerospace customers. Products offered under the Sherborne Sensors brand are renowned for their ultra-reliability and long-life precision within critical applications. Recent acquisition of synergistic technologies by Sherborne Sensors within our inclinometer and force and load cell offerings has allowed customers to benefit from expanded product lines, with added benefits of engineering support, global sales presence, repair, refurbishment and calibration services, stocking programs, and continuous product improvement.

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September 2012

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