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Photoswitches have all the options covered. Shiva Electronics has a new range of all-in-one miniature photoelectric switches designed to provide economical and reliable alternative to existing devices. Two packages are available, measuring only M12 x 65mm (cylindrical type) and 30 x 40 x 15mm (box type), the switch provides through beam, retroreflected (requires a reflector) and diffuse types. All switches have both NPN and PNP outputs rated up to 700mA driving capacity, with further options of NO or NC contacts, removing the need to stock multiple types of sensor. Up to 300mm range can be achieved for the diffuse switch without lens, and with a lens attached 1m range can be achieved. For through beam and retro-reflective types up to 10m is possible. An optional laser beam can be used for alignment of through-beam and retro-reflective switches. These switches are available with two connection methods, either with universal male connector or with built-in cable. The female connectors are available separately with necessary wire length. The input supply range is 10 to 25V DC and is protected for reverse polarity. The outputs are protected against short circuits, overload and overvoltage. The speed is sufficiently high to process 10,000 operations per second. Sensitivity can be adjusted by potentiometer, and operations are indicated by red LED. The housing can be plastic or chromium-plated brass and meets IP67. __________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Shiva Electronics F1, Trident-Terrace, 196, 17th Cross, CHBCS Layout, Vijaynagar, Bangalore-560040 INDIA Phone: 91-80-3386906 Email: March 2003
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