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The main Production Gauge for (pressure sensing chip)
Size : Length 0.6mm X Width 0.1mm X Thickness 0.005mm.
Due to the wafer's small volume and high sensitivity, it has broad application in military, industrial, transportation and other fields

The following are the company's proprietary gauge models with patent rights covering pressure sensing and temperature sensor chips:

SL-081 Strain Gauge
SL-081 (Resistance 1.6K)
Size: Length 0.7mm X Width 0.15mm X Thickness 0.005mm
Sensitivity per volt output: 15 mV.
Applicable temperature range - 40°C to +200°C
Temperature drift coefficient is 1000ppm per °C unit

SL-082 (Resistance 2.7K)
This model's advanced design characteristics makes temperature compensation unnecessary. This creates major savings in time and cost during the following production procedures.
Sze: Length 0.7mm X Width 0.15mm X Thickness 0.005mm
Sensitivity per volt output 1.2 mV
Applicable temperature range - 60°C to +250°C
Temperature drift coefficient is -2ppm per °C unit

SL-083 Half-Bridge Strain Gauge
SL-083 (Resistance 1.0K)
Size : Length 1.5mm X Width 0.15mm X Thickness 0

SL-PT100 is a proprietary Temperature Sensor Chip
SL-PT100 (Resistance 1.2K)
Size: Length 1.6mm X Width 1.0mm X Thickness 0.005mm
Applicable temperature range: -60°C to +200°C
Exceptional linear resistance variation through 7 ohms

Featuring state-of-the-art design, this Strain Gauge requires no temperature compensation. This is due to the high safety and stability characteristics of its mounted pressure sensor head (shown here)

Sensor temperature drift coefficient -2ppm/per °C
Output voltage: 1.2 millivolts per volt output.
Application pressure range: -14.7psi to 500psi, 1000psi, 2000psi, 5000psi, 10000psi.
At the operating temperature of -30°C to 150°C, linearity, repeatability, reliability and error = 0.10%

The imported 17 4PH stainless steel used for the pressure cavity ensures "O" circle, no welding, no leakage risks.

The technologies adopted in the manufacture of our gauges are the same as those widely used in the advanced aero-aviation industries overseas. These include micro melting technology using melt glass to bond the semiconductor Gauge and Temperature Chip to various shapes of the stainless steel base. This technology avoids mechanical fatigue and medium impacts caused by changes in the temperature and humidity of the glue and materials used for bonding. As a result, it enhances the long term stability and reliability of the sensors installed for various industrial applications, It also avoids the P-N effect which usually occurs from the use of conventional mechanical sensors.

In short, our gauges' mounted head is the most advanced sensor head on the worldwide market. It does not need any temperature compensation in the following manufacturing processes, greatly reducing production costs and manufacturing complications. Most importantly, it effectively increases and ensures product accuracy and reliability.

Product Application
Our gauges' mounted head can be widely used in a great variety of industrial OEM applications in a broad number of fields, including water and electricity supply systems, gas distribution systems, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, hydraulic systems, pressure apparatus, natural gas compressors, pipeline equipment, oil well drilling platforms, wellhead pressure devices, external tank level monitoring systems, power generation, boiler control, and more.

Wireless Transmission System

Our gauges can be installed with wireless transmission (pressure / temperature) that can monitor, in real-time, the working pressure and temperature of various pipes and equipment.

A package of independently developed software compatible with Our software is for window XP or Window 7, is also available. It has the capability to accomplish real-time monitoring of 250 different pressure sensitive devices on pipes and equipment, There are various kinds of sockets for customers' required connections. The radio transmission and receiving distance is 1 km to 2 km .

Specifications of the wireless transmission
1. Power supply: DC9V
2. Frequency: 490Mhz and DC5V/200mV.
3. Display unit: PSI;BAR.KG/CM2/F,
4. Minim resolution : 0.1 PSI
5. Test accuracy 0.25%
6. Test range: -15PSI-200PSI or 1,000psi 5,000psi ,etc.
7. Display: 0.6 inch LCD screen with blue LED light on the back
8. Working temperature range: -30 C to +80 C
9: Storage temperature: -40? to +90?.
10. Display temperature:-50? to +100?
11. Connecting sockets: 1/4 or customers required.

Established in 2002, Sing Long Technology (Shenzhen) is a high-tech, Hong Kong enterprise specializing in manufacturing Strain Gauges as well as Pressure and Temperature sensors. The products include various types of semiconductor pressure gauges, temperature sensor chips, pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and similar products.
The company owns a series of high-tech, intellectual property rights for products it has designed and developed. These include Wafer and Gauges for programming, cutting, and separation to glassing and gauging. All of these are designed to meet customer requirements for varied, pressure gauge product applications.

Sing Long Technology Ltd.
Hong Kong
Tel: 0086-1868895439

December 2012

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