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Wireless Transmission System for Strain Gauges and Sensors

Our gauges can be installed with wireless transmission (pressure / temperature) that can monitor, in real-time, the working pressure and temperature of various pipes and equipment.

A package of independently developed software compatible with our software is for window XP or Window 7, is also available. It has the capability to accomplish real-time monitoring of 250 different pressure sensitive devices on pipes and equipment.

There are various kinds of sockets for customers' required connections. The radio transmission and receiving distance is 1 km to 2 km .

Specifications of the wireless transmission
1. Power supply: DC9V
2. Frequency: 490Mhz and DC5V/200mV.
3. Display unit: PSI;BAR.KG/CM2/F,
4. Minim resolution : 0.1 PSI
5. Test accuracy 0.25%
6. Test range: -15PSI-200PSI or 1,000psi 5,000psi ,etc.
7. Display: 0.6 inch LCD screen with blue LED light on the back
8. Working temperature range: -30 C to +80 C
9: Storage temperature: -40? to +90?.
10. Display temperature:-50? to +100?
11. Connecting sockets: 1/4 or customers required.

Established in 2002, Sing Long Technology (Shenzhen) is a high-tech, Hong Kong enterprise specializing in manufacturing Strain Gauges as well as Pressure and Temperature sensors. The products include various types of semiconductor pressure gauges, temperature sensor chips, pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and similar products.
The company owns a series of high-tech, intellectual property rights for products it has designed and developed. These include Wafer and Gauges for programming, cutting, and separation to glassing and gauging. All of these are designed to meet customer requirements for varied, pressure gauge product applications.

Sing Long Technology Ltd.
Hong Kong
Tel: 0086-1868895439

December 2012

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