Emerson Process extends level measurement
offering with NEW dry product range.
Emerson Process has launched a range of level
products for dry materials.

Developed as a direct result of customer demand throughout
Europe, the range includes three switches and an ultrasonic
non-contact transmitter for reliable control of dry materials used
in industrial processes. Customers requiring both dry and liquid
level measurement can now purchase products from one source,
reducing time spent researching, ordering and maintaining
new equipment.

The new products provide continuous level measurement and
point level detection of dry materials used in the chemical,
aggregates, pharmaceutical, plastics and food and beverage
industries. Solutions are available for materials ranging from
80 kg/m3 density (such as powdered carbon) to 2500 kg/m3
density  (aggregates and gravels) and for hazardous, aggressive
or high temperature environments. The products, which have
relevant IP ratings, enable customers to match a solution to
their specific requirements and budget. 

The Series ULT ultrasonic non-contact transmitter is the most
advanced device within the range. It provides accurate and
reliable level measurements of all dry materials from very low
to very high densities including sludge and slurries. With
ranges of 15m, 30m and 60m available, the transmitter
measures the amount of dry material within a vessel by sending
an ultrasonic wave to the top of the material that returns an echo
back to the transmitter. An aiming device allows the installer
to position the transducer face perpendicular to the angle of
repose of material in the vessel to ensure accurate measurement.
HART communication is available.

The Series CLS capacitance level probe is based on proven
dry level measurement technology. It can be used with any
free flowing granular, pelletised or powdered dry product
and because it has no moving parts and includes product
build up compensator electronics, it is also ideal for difficult
dry products which have a tendency to coat or build-up, such
as animal feed and foundry sand.  A range of different probe
sizes to suit a variety of mounting positions is available.

The Series VSL vibrating rod is based on the most modern
point level detection technology and is ideally suited to free
flowing powders and granules. It also has no moving parts
and is a robust instrument that can be used in corrosive
materials and in atmospheric pressure environments of up
to 10bar. 

The Series PLS paddle level switch is simple to use, easy
to maintain and able to deal with materials of very high
density such as that found in aggregates, gravels and earth
- all of which have a bulk density of over 2000kg/m3. It is
based on proven dry level measurement technology and is
mounted from the outside of the vessel to a curved or flat

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June 2004
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