New long stemmed meters offer accurate
and cost-effective density and viscosity
measurement in difficult tank applications.

Emerson Process has extended its range of
vibrating fork density and viscosity meters with
a series of long-stemmed versions, ideal for
top-mounted, direct-insertion into storage, mixing
and process tanks.

With no need for side access or a sample loop, the new
products allow cost effective, accurate density measurement
in a wide range of traditionally demanding, Œdifficult to
measure applications.

The microprocessor-based meters use Solartron Mobrey¹s
market-leading vibrating fork technology to measure the
density and viscosity of the liquid.  They are suitable for
monitoring and control duties with liquids in the density
range  0-3000 kg/m3  and viscosity range 0.5 to 20,000cst.

Applications are wide and varied; examples include interface
detection in static tanks, paint mix control and fermentation
monitoring. The new meters, available with long-stemmed
forks up to 4.0 metres are ideal for top-mounting in jacketed,
buried or other difficult-to-access tanks.

They can be used in both open and closed tanks, and even
in process tanks which have stirrers or agitators, to provide
a reliable density and / or viscosity measurement where
other technologies (such as differential pressure for example)

Like the others in the range, the new products incorporate
advanced electronics which carry out all signal processing
and calculation. Output is a 4-20mA signal and via an RS232/485
Modbus interface for continuous monitoring of multiple parameters.

Meters can be used for stand-alone monitoring or with 
Mobrey¹s AdView software for PC-based remote configuration,
diagnostics, data logging and analysis, or integrated into any
plant-wide computerised control or SCADA system.

All the long-stemmed meters are 316 stainless steel sealed to
IP66 and are ATEX and hhazardous area approved to
EEx 'd' IIC T4. They can be supplied with electro-polished or
PTFE-coated tines to provide non-stick self-cleaning properties.

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September 2004
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