High performance radar level transmitter offers
superior reliability at a competitive price.

Emerson Process has launched a range of innovative
2 wire loop powered non-contact radar level transmitters,
Pegasus. Featuring frequency modulated continuous
wave (FMCW) technology the new competitively-priced
transmitter offers superior reliability to that of other level
transmitters and is available with both rod and horn
antenna to provide level measurement in a wide range
of applications.

Pegasus has an operating range of 30m/100ft, and
is available in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof designs.
A two-wire instrument, supplied in a rugged industrial housing,
it is easy to install and maintain. 

Pegasus offers highly reliable level measurement of liquids in
highly aggressive, toxic or difficult processing environments.
It is ideal for storage monitoring and stock control applications
as well as in-process monitoring and control duties.

The Pegasus rod antenna version is a cost-effective repeatable
level measurement instrument. For applications that involve
agitated liquids or the presence of condensation or foam the
horn antenna version routinely delivers stable and reliable
output ­ unlike other less sophisticated level measurement
technologies. As a result, industrial processing plants and storage
facilities can have better control over the liquids stored and used,
which results in a more cost-efficient and compliant site.

HART compatible, Pegasus can be controlled from anywhere
on the two-wire loop and has a range of control options that
enable customers to install and use the sensor in the most
appropriate way for their facility. Data can be accessed through
a PC (using the Mobrey H-Conf401 Windows-based PR
programme), a Palm PDA (Mobrey HPC-301) and series of
wall and panel mounted control units (MCU900).

Pegasus¹s superior FMCW technology operates as follows.
The antenna emits a linear microwave signal that is closely
controlled to ramp between 5.55GHz and 6.40GHz over a fixed
time period, towards a liquid level surface below.

The difference in frequency between the transmit and echo
signals gives a measurement of the distance to the surface
of the liquid.  FMCW radar transmitters deliver more power
to the target liquid level surface than pulsed transmitters, giving
more reliable and repeatable operation in difficult operating

The rod antenna version comes with a standard 1.5² mounting
thread but flanged mounting with seal welded construction is
also available. The horn antennas are available as standard
in 150mm diameter, or with 100mm in diameter for minimum
protrusion into the vessel where space is constrained.
All Pegasus transmitters operate in temperatures up to 150°C.

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September 2004
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