Robust, cost-effective flowmeter is ATEX EExd-compliant.

Emerson Process has launched an ATEX EExd-compliant
variable area (VA) flowmetering solution for the oil and gas,
chemical and energy industries.

The Rotameter 250 series is now available with a built-in,
explosion-proof 4-20mA transmitter. As a result customers can
now use this proven, reliable technology to measure the flow of
gases and liquids in a wide range of hazardous applications.

The robust metal tube design of the Rotameter 250 is ideal for
use in corrosive and aggressive environments such as those
found in oil refineries, chemical processing plants and nuclear
energy plants.  The new ATEX EExd-approved unit provides
reliable indication of flow, within two percent of full scale reading,
in high temperature, high pressure applications up to 150°C / 50bar.

The Œblind¹ 4-20mA output can be used to connect to a
stand-alone indicator, PLC or other plant monitoring system.
Within a separate indicator housing, local indication via a large
scale and pointer, can be provided, plus if required, two field
adjustable alarms.
Designed for easy installation, the new explosion-proof transmitter
unit measures just 250mm between flanges as standard, although
threaded versions are available. When installed, the flow meter
is mounted in a vertical line with the flow in the upward direction.
When the flow passes through the meter the float rises to a
position of equilibrium where the weight of the float is balanced
by the net force of the fluid pressure.  The float is magnetically
coupled to the instrument, and its movement generates the
output signal.

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November 2004
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