Emerson launches OMCERTS Health Check¹ to
assist UK Water companies in achieving
Environment Agency¹s discharge certification
New service launched as Emerson analysis predicts
only 20% of sites inspected will be on course to
confidently pass the MCERTS 5 year re-certification.
Emerson Process Management has announced a new OMCERTS
Health Check¹ service to assist UK water companies in complying
with discharge consents. The service will enable dischargers to
assess their sites prior to the required five-year re-certification,
enabling them to avoid time-intensive and costly last-minute
preparations or failures.

The launch comes as analysis conducted by Emerson¹s Mobrey
Service (which has provided legislative and technological
consultancy to UK water companies for more than ten years)
shows a significant number of sites would fail an inspection.

Under the OMCERTS; Self-Monitoring of Effluent Flow¹ guidelines,
consent holders (processors who have been granted consent to
discharge by the Environment Agency) are required to have their
sites certified every five years by a qualified MCERTS Inspector.

Inspections review site configuration, flow structures and instrumentation
to ensure that they meet the required standards ­ specifically that there
is appropriate* measurement and recording of instantaneous and
cumulative daily flows.

"In the lead up to the Environment Agency March 2005 deadline for
all sites to have achieved certification, water companies invested
millions ensuring the right technology and processes were in place,"
explains Paul Cherry,

Flow Specialist and MCERTS inspector, Emerson Process
Management¹s Mobrey Service. "A number of previous AMP2
installations could now fail an MCERTS Inspection due to a variety
of reasons - altered site process configuration, incorrect sizing, lack
of adherence to maintenance procedures for example. As a result,
water companies may be un-prepared for what in some cases is a
fast-approaching re-certification programme."

Emerson¹s Mobrey Service is offering water companies the opportunity
to have an MCERTS Inspector Ospot check¹ any number of their sites,
providing consultancy on any problem areas and advice as to what
needs to be done, at the least possible cost, to ensure re-certification
is achieved.

Cherry concludes; "The aim is to promote and encourage on-going
maintenance and a continual review of procedures so that accurate
and appropriate flow measurement becomes inherent within the

To find out more about Emerson¹s Mobrey Service OMCERTS
Health Check¹ contact:
Mobrey Measurement (Service Division) on +44 (0) 161 209 4450
or visit  

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