Emerson supplies Mobrey® PLS paddle switches for high level alarms on ash hoppers at two Turkish power plants

The 180 reliable and easily installed switches enable operators to keep ash in the hoppers within safe limits

Emerson Process Management has announced supply of 180 Mobrey Series PLS paddle switches to Polish ash filter manufacturer, ELWO, for use as high level alarms in ash hoppers. The ELWO hoppers are being installed as part of the modernization of electrostatic precipitators at two Turkish power plants.

The simple and reliable switches, which were easy to install, alert the operators at the Soma Power Plant and Seyitomer Power Plant when the levels of ash in the hoppers reach an unsafe level. This prevents hopper overfill, which would have significant impact on the operation of the plant, and allows operators to ensure they have emptied the hoppers as required to keep ash within safe limits.

The robust PLS Series were selected for this application because they provide good reliability in the harsh conditions of a power plant. Temperatures reach in excess of 200°C and Mobrey’s high temperature models are available to withstand working conditions of 400°C.

“We are pleased to support ELWO and also the Turkish power plants by supplying this large international contract for critical applications,” said John Walsh, product manager of the Mobrey measurement division of Emerson. “It is an opportunity to combine our technology and support to serve Turkey and Eastern European markets.”

Walsh continues: “The first installation was completed six months ago and the switches have proven very reliable. We have just completed the second installation.”

The Mobrey Series PLS paddle switch can be used as either a high level switch with materials over 160kg/m3 or as a low level limit switch for dry and solids products over 80kg/m3. It is easily mounted through the wall of the vessel with the paddle extending inside.
An electric motor drives a paddle which rotates freely in the absence of solid material (ash). Rotation of the paddle is prevented when covered by the ash and the motor rotates inside the housing to actuate a microswitch and signal an alarm. A unique clutch mechanism automatically shuts off the motor which extends its life. Once the material level falls, the motor is returned to its normal position and the paddle begins to rotate.
The Mobrey paddle switch has standard models to +150°C and high temperature models are available to 400°C. The switches are available with options for easy installation, including, extension shafts for top of silo mounting or mounting plates.

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July 2007

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