Emerson announces Mobrey float switch for marine hazardous area applications.

Emerson enhances false echo rejection capability in release of new software for Mobrey ultrasonic level transmitters

New feature boosts reliability even in complex, demanding tank or open channel installations

Emerson Process Management has announced new software for its family of Mobrey MSP non-contacting ultrasonic level transmitters. The upgrade features an enhanced false echo rejection capability which allows reliable operation in complex infrastructures where tanks and channels contain static obstructions such as stay bars, ladders or weld beads.

MSP level transmitters are already popular in the chemical, oil and gas, power, water and wastewater industries for their cost-effective, reliable measurement capability. As a non-contacting technology, the ultrasonic sensors are suitable for use with a very wide range of liquids and chemicals, including frothy or agitated surfaces. The new upgrade extends application of the transmitters further to even the most demanding installations, for minimal downtime and maximum reliability.

The dead band of the transmitters has also been reduced to just 300mm allowing users to fill tanks to a higher level and to optimise accuracy in open channel flow applications.

The MSP range comprises three models which are available with HART communications for integration into a plant-wide control system. The entry-level MSP422, for use in safe areas, has an operating range of 26 ft / eight meters and the MSP400 has a range of 36ft / 11 meters. For use in classified areas, the MSP900 is certified CL1 Div 1 Intrinsically Safe.

Mobrey MSP level transmitters are part of the Emerson’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture that improves plant efficiency through asset optimization, process automation and management execution.

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October 2007

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