Emerson seminars highlight new responsibilities for industrial dischargers under this year's new MCERTS legislation .

First date announced is May 15th 2008, Leicester

Confusion among industrial dischargers regarding their responsibilities under the new MCERTS regulations introduced by the Environment Agency (EA) in February 2008 has prompted Emerson's Mobrey Measurement Division to run a series of seminars on the subject.

The one-day training workshops entitled 'MCERTS Self Monitoring of Effluent Discharges' are open to invited PPC Permit holders, and will cover all the various aspects of compliance with the new legislation from initial site survey to final MCERTS certification.

The date of the first seminar in this series, to be held in Leicester, has just been announced as May 15th. Other dates for seminars in London and Bristol are to be announced shortly.

The new regulations come as result of the EA extending its Monitoring Certification scheme: MCERTS on the Self Monitoring of Effluent Flow to apply to trade all industrial dischargers with IPPC permits. Site managers have until December 2008 to complete the audit process and submit an improvement programme for remedial action where it is required.

Under the scheme processors, who have been granted Consent to Discharge by the EA, or a permit under the Pollution Prevention and Control regulations must have their sites certified by a qualified MCERTS inspector whose responsibility it is to check that the site, the flow structure and instrumentation comply with the relevant legislation.

The seminars are free to invited delegates (Industrial Dischargers and PPC Permit holders only). Speakers include qualified MCERTS inspectors, and representatives from the EA and SIRA Environmental.

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March 2008

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