A compact, non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter

SONOTEC from Halle, Germany is now offering non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters for many different tube diameters and measuring ranges. The flow velocity of water-like liquids like infusion solution, dialysate, and even blood, is measured very fast and bidirectional.

The flexible tube, through which liquid flows, is only placed into the sensor of the SONOFLOW family, which is connected to the controller of the medical device. Couplant is not required. Neither the color of the tube, nor the color of the liquid influences the measurement. Likewise, the working temperature has no effect as long as it remains within the range of less than +60°C. Many different tube materials are applicable. The sensors are integrated in Heart-lung machines, dialysis machines, for blood transfusions, organ transport systems and many other applications. Besides the use in medical devices, the sensors are also suitable for industrial applications, like e.g. biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, and semiconductor industry. The accuracy of the sensor of ±2% fulfills the requirements of most applications.

The SONOFLOW CO.55 flow meter is characterized by a compact design in which the electronics are integrated into the sensor. The sensor requires no coupling media, is maintenance and wear-free, and has np dead volume. SONOFLOW CO.55 sensors are equipped with a current interface, that can alternatively be parameterized as a pulse output. A serial interface enables connection to a computer via an USB data converter, and thus allows simple parameterisation and display of the measured values, using the SONOTEC monitor software. Moreover, the sensor can be adapted to suite customer-specific requirements, such as dimensional limitations, power supply and signal output.

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November 2014

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