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Compact yet powerful display has ATEX certification

Status Instruments are introducing their DM700 family of LED loop powered indicators. These compact, yet powerful, 4-digit indicators are available with a choice of 4-20 mA, RTD or thermocouple inputs and ATEX certification allows them to be used in hazardous areas.

The DM700 has been designed to fit inside a clear polycarbonate cap, which in turn fits to a standard SCH4 enclosure. Alternative mountings are also available to fit other standard connecting heads. For use in harsh environments, the display can be fitted to a selection of enclosures to achieve IP67 sealing.

As with all Status instrumentation, the design emphasis is on flexibility, ease of use and reliability. The microprocessor-based DM700 uses surface mount components and is easily configured via three push button switches on the underside of the module. An important feature of the RTD version is the ability to enter actual sensor calibration data to achieve optimum precision in the measurement results.

The 4-20 mA version can have a number of standard linearisation corrections applied, including square root, 3/2 power, 5/2 power and customer specific, where up to 19 segment straight line interpolation can be set. A unique feature of the RTD and thermocouple versions is the built-in two wire current sink 4-20 mA transmitter. The transmission range can be set from the push buttons.

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May 2007

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