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Future proof signal conditioning

Status Instruments believe that their innovative MEDACS signal conditioners, which can be used to interface to a wide range of industrial sensors, offer a totally new concept in front-end conditioning. Conventional signal conditioners connect to a sensor and measure the sensor parameter, converting this to an industry standard output such as 4-20 mA. However, MEDACS can take the sensor inputs and then modify them to provide outputs with special functionality. The concept is aimed at specifiers of electronic equipment in large processing plants, system integrators and specialist panel builders.

Units can handle most common sensor inputs including mV, mA, temperature and frequency and, in addition, have two isolated discrete digital inputs. Outputs include an isolated 4-20 mA re-transmission signal, a single change-over trip relay and dual normally-open relays. Each unit has a RS485 serial communications link, enabling data to be sent to and from a host using Modbus protocol. An ingenious ‘bus jumper’ system allows units to be easily bussed together, removing the need for complicated and expensive back plane wiring. For high density systems, cost effective dual channel versions are available.

Status are confident that the versatility of MEDACS is only limited by the imagination of their customers and the company is seeing different, and often tricky, control applications solved extremely cost effectively on a weekly basis. MEDACS can be used in OEM equipment and standalone, one-off, applications and the concept is particularly useful when applied to existing installations and equipment".

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Status Instruments Ltd
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Tel: +44(0) 1684 296818
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May 2007

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